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Since Its 1964 Debut, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital Has Become a Renowned Behavioral Health Center of Excellence in the Northern Illinois Region, Providing Quality Patient Care and Treatment in Behavioral Therapy and Addiction Recovery

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital on Treatment Approaches to Substance Abuse

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital is a private behavioral healthcare provider offering psychiatric and behavioral health treatment for children, adolescents, and adults. Located on the north side of Chicago, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers patients and families that are seeking addiction treatment services a supportive environment for recovery.

Detoxification is often the first step of a substance abuse treatment program. This is the process of allowing a patient’s body to completely rid itself of all traces of a dangerous substance, while simultaneously managing their withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification process is not treatment’s end point, but rather should be considered the beginning of a treatment process that may include a combination of medication, behavioral therapy, and counseling as needed. In the later stages of treatment, relapse prevention strategies are an essential component of the treatment process.

A healthcare professional may prescribe medications, either duringthe detox phase of treatment to address withdrawal process or following detoxification as part of the substance abuse treatment program. Additionally, behavioral approaches may be used, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, multidimensional family therapy, motivational interviewing, or contingency management. Treatment programs have been shown to be effective in modifying attitudes, improving life skills, and increasing patients’ engagement in and response to the treatment initiatives. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital’s residential treatment program may be recommended as a way to improve or booster a patient’s recovery and opportunies for long term sobriety.


Chicago Lakeshore Hospital’s General Psychiatric Services Support People of All Ages

A behavioral health center of excellence located in Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Lakeshore Hospital delivers a diversity of psychiatric and addiction treatment services for children, adolescents and adults. The hospital operates five separate inpatient programs. The first program, the Child Unit, houses 10 beds, and the second, the Adolescent Unit, houses 40. The hospital accepts Medicaid for children and adolescents.

For adults, the hospital offers programs tailored to the individual needs of each patient. The 50-bed Intensive Treatment Unit furnishes crisis stabilization and other services that center on patient stability. The General Adult Unit which includes 35 beds provides detox services, addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment and treatment for mood and anxiety disorders to higher-functioning adults.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital also offers Valeo, a treatment program designed especially for the LGBTQ community. Valeo employs experienced gay-sensitive health professionals from several key disciplines.

Find out more about the hospital’s wide-ranging and age-specific mental health programs by visiting or call (800) 888-0560 for a free assessment.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital on The MHAI 26th Annual Gala: The Magic of Hope

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital provides comprehensive addiction treatment and behavioral health services to residents in the Greater Chicago area. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital maintains a community partnership with Mental Health America of Illinois. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital works with MHAI in the community and provides support, training, and resources to the organization.

Mental Health America of Illinois’ annual gala of 2013 celebrates its twenty-sixth year of operation, with a universal theme, “The Magic of Hope.” On March 9, the event kicks off at 6:30pm in the Grand Ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago. All proceeds raised by the gala will go directly to the MHAI initiative, “It Only Takes One,” a campaign with the goals to educate the community about suicide and to support suicide prevention measures.

The concept behind the MHAI suicide prevention initiative is that one event—a single phone call, a smile, or a simple show of interest—is sometimes enough to encourage someone contemplating suicide to call for help. In the United States, 1,500 suicide attempts are reported daily. In the state of Illinois, over 1,000 deaths are caused by suicide annually, a figure which is even greater than that of deaths due to HIV/AIDS, impaired driving, or homicide.

Drug Treatment Options Available at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

Postedf at All Rights ReservedDealing with addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other substances is not a process that any individual needs to face alone. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment programs designed to help treat and address problems related to the use of alcohol, drugs and/or other substances.

The priority of the treatment experts at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital is to help patients regain a sense of control and balance. By participating in detoxification, rehabilitation, group therapy and other services offered through a team of treatment specialists; patients can reclaim the independence their addiction stole from them. Each treatment team is directed by a professional who is well versed in addiction treatment. Treatment staff may include licensed therapists, psychiatrists, certified counselors with experience in drug and alcohol problems, and other specialists.

For the benefit of prospective patients, the hospital accepts referrals and provides assessments 24 hours a day.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers clinical care that includes psychiatric services and drug treatment programs for children, adolescents and adults. Learn more by visiting

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital: Valeo Provides Specialized Services

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital provides recovery services for those from all walks of life struggling with psychiatric distress, behavioral problems and/or chemical addiction. The Valeo Program is designed for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients to receive care in a safe environment. LGBT patients at Valeo are immersed in the healing process removed from any threat of judgment and ridicule. There, open and free expression is encouraged in all groups, activities, and meetings that take place throughout the day.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital has been providing services for the LGBT community for more than 30 years. As such, staff members at the facility are specially trained in sensitivity and diversity matters and are well equipped to handle the specific issues this population faces. Valeo director Joe Camper and Dr. Jason Trautman have more than 40 years of professional experience between them and significant experience working with the LGBT community.

Substance Abuse Treatment Available at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

posted at All Rights ReservedChicago Lakeshore Hospital has served as a premier provider for drug treatment programs and psychiatric services for nearly five decades. Accepting patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the hospital requires patients to undergo an assessment at no charge prior to admission. If a person is eligible for care at ChicagoLakeshoreHospital, the facility utilizes several levels of care to treat substance abuse disorders.

People with behavioral issues, emotional issues as well as alcohol and drug dependencies can visit ChicagoLakeshoreHospital to receive different types of treatment. Intensive outpatient, inpatient hospital, partial hospital, drug rehab, and detox services are available at the Illinois facility. The hospital provides a safe environment at all levels of care and the IOP program features day and evening hours for a more flexible schedule.

The multidisciplinary team at ChicagoLakeshoreHospital tailors each therapeutic program toward individual patients. Enabling patients to take control of their lives; professionals at ChicagoLakeshoreHospital work with them toward achieving goals and self-management techniques. This is often accomplished through participation in individual and group counseling, 12-step programs, and other support groups. Throughout treatment, patients learn about sober living, recovery planning, and ways to maintain their progress with aftercare programs.

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For more information, visit ChicagoLakeshoreHospital‘s website at

Psychiatric Services for Adolescents at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

The behavioral health and addiction treatment center of excellence: Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers a number of treatment options and services. Along with drug treatment programs, the hospital offers psychiatric services for children adolescent and adults. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital employs specialists in the field of psychiatry and adolescent services are no exception. The child and adolescent unit enjoys and benefits from academic affiliations with the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Psychiatric Services for Adolescents

The inpatient adolescent program at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital employs, psychiatrists, nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Professional Counselors, activity therapists and other talented clinicians. The staff is well trained and prepared to work with adolescents and their families on a range of psychiatric and behavioral problems. Chicago Lakeshore hospital offers inpatient, partial and intensive outpatient programs. Some adolescents may start treatment on the inpatient unit and move to an intensive outpatient program when they are stabilized and able to function at home and at school.

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Patients of Chicago Lakeshore Hospital receive therapy in a structured environment. Teenagers participate in individual and group psychotherapy, behavioral cognitive therapy, medication management, art therapy, and recreation, following a psycho educational model. Some of the program meetings cover issues such as nutrition, spirituality, grief and loss, anger management, and discharge planning. Adolescents in need of substance abuse counseling can also benefit from the program’s specialists in the field, 12-step meetings, and relapse prevention guidance.

Valeo at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

A privately owned behavioral health hospital based in Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Lakeshore Hospital provides important psychiatric services for a wide range of patients. Through its Valeo program, the hospital delivers safe and compassionate treatment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) patients. In particular, the program focuses on individuals with one or more psychiatric diagnoses and a behavioral or chemical addiction.

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Behavioral health professionals on staff at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital possess more than three decades of experience providing specialty services to LGBTQ individuals. All professionals at the hospital must undergo rigorous cultural sensitivity and diversity training, which enables them to produce a top-quality patient experience. Along with its therapeutic components, Valeo provides a drug treatment program as well. Common inpatient conditions include depression and anxiety disorders, LGBT cultural and community issues, medically supervised detoxification, and sexual addiction.

To learn more about Valeo at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital or to find out how to begin the intake process, visit the hospital website at

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital to open new Children’s Pavilion

In late fall, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital will open the doors of its new child and adolescent treatment facility, which will be a state-of-the-art center of excellence located in the Uptown neighborhood. The Children’s Pavilion will enable the hospital to expand the work that is currently provided in existing inpatient units: the treatment of children and adolescents with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, substance use, and other mental health issues. Treatment services for children and adolescents will continue at the new facility and will include inpatient treatment, family counseling, and continued outpatient care.

The Chicago Lakeshore Hospital management believes in a team approach to treatment, involving multiple facility resources and partnering with families to provide ongoing assistance. Neighbors of the facility are glad to see Chicago Lakeshore Hospital revitalizing a building which has been vacant for the last 12 years. A history of good community relations with the hospital also reassures nearby residents that the same standard of community involvement and unobtrusive activity will continue.

About Chicago Lakeshore Hospital: Specializing in behavioral health as well as mood and addiction disorders, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers inpatient, partial, and intensive outpatient psychiatric services and addiction treatment services for children, adolescents, and adults.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital Presents: Medications and Therapies Used in Bipolar Disorder Treatment

posted at All Rights ReservedWhether you or your loved one suffers from bipolar disorder, the first concept you must understand is the lifelong term of the condition. Bipolar treatment is not designed to cure but to mitigate, such that those who suffer from it can still enjoy a normal life.

Treatment for bipolar disorder includes different types of medications, therapy, and depending on the condition’s severity, hospitalization. Typically, physicians begin treatment by prescribing medications that stabilize mood. Lithium, for example, helps patients reach a middle ground between manic and depressed. Of course, all medications come with side effects; always consult a doctor before starting a new type of medication.

Like medication, many types of therapy exist to treat bipolar patients whose particular symptoms differ. Family therapy involves the patient and family members, allowing loved ones to better understand bipolar disorder and work together to find solutions that facilitates a stable home life. Cognitive behavioral therapy takes place in a one-on-one environment with a counselor who works with the patient to target negative behavior and thoughts and replace them with more productive action.

About Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

A small behavioral facility, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital specializes in treating adults and children afflicted with psychiatric, addiction, and chemical dependency problems.