Inpatient Adolescent Treatment at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital is dedicated to improving its psychiatric services and drug treatment programs in order to better serve patients. The small, high-quality facility provides a professional and ethical environment that allows all physicians, clinicians, and staff members to take pride in their association with Chicago Lakeshore Hospital.

Treating adolescents for chemical dependency or a psychiatric disorder is difficult, especially in an inpatient setting. That is because these patients may be dealing with their health issues while also transitioning both mentally and physically from childhood to adulthood.

Feelings of depression and hopelessness among patients between the ages of 13 and 17 are not uncommon. However, a safe and secure environment combined with an effective, team-oriented approach to treatment helps make the situation as manageable as possible.

For adolescents, the focus of care at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital involves short yet intensive hospital stays. During these periods, patients work with a team of licensed professionals who specialize in depression, substance abuse, aggression, suicidal ideation, and other issues. The treatment schedule includes weekly family therapy sessions, daily group therapy sessions, and additional behavioral management education.