Chicago Hospital Offers Psychiatric Program for LGBTQ Individuals

by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital hosts the Valeo program, which provides a full range of psychiatric services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questions (LGBTQ) individuals. The word “valeo” comes from the Latin for “wellness” and reflects the program’s commitment to enhancing physical and emotional wellbeing for patients by maintaining a welcoming and safe therapeutic environment. In fact, each staff member with Chicago Lakeshore Hospital undergoes specially designed cultural sensitivity training. Further, patients often rate their experiences with the hospital very highly.

The program furnishes both intensive outpatient and inpatient services. The former is intended for higher function LGBTQ adults with chemical addictions and behavioral issues. Those involved in the inpatient program often undergo treatments like medically supervised detoxification. Inpatients also receive care for problems ranging from depression and anxiety to HIV/AIDS.

Although Valeo serves many individuals from Chicago, Illinois, a patient need not come from that city or even from the state of Illinois to receive treatment. Thanks to the city’s position as a major international transportation hub, the program’s patients include people from throughout the United States.