Chicago Lakeshore Hospital’s General Psychiatric Services Support People of All Ages

by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

A behavioral health center of excellence located in Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Lakeshore Hospital delivers a diversity of psychiatric and addiction treatment services for children, adolescents and adults. The hospital operates five separate inpatient programs. The first program, the Child Unit, houses 10 beds, and the second, the Adolescent Unit, houses 40. The hospital accepts Medicaid for children and adolescents.

For adults, the hospital offers programs tailored to the individual needs of each patient. The 50-bed Intensive Treatment Unit furnishes crisis stabilization and other services that center on patient stability. The General Adult Unit which includes 35 beds provides detox services, addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment and treatment for mood and anxiety disorders to higher-functioning adults.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital also offers Valeo, a treatment program designed especially for the LGBTQ community. Valeo employs experienced gay-sensitive health professionals from several key disciplines.

Find out more about the hospital’s wide-ranging and age-specific mental health programs by visiting or call (800) 888-0560 for a free assessment.