Drug Treatment Options Available at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

Postedf at chicagolakeshorehospital.files.wordpress.com All Rights ReservedDealing with addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other substances is not a process that any individual needs to face alone. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment programs designed to help treat and address problems related to the use of alcohol, drugs and/or other substances.

The priority of the treatment experts at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital is to help patients regain a sense of control and balance. By participating in detoxification, rehabilitation, group therapy and other services offered through a team of treatment specialists; patients can reclaim the independence their addiction stole from them. Each treatment team is directed by a professional who is well versed in addiction treatment. Treatment staff may include licensed therapists, psychiatrists, certified counselors with experience in drug and alcohol problems, and other specialists.

For the benefit of prospective patients, the hospital accepts referrals and provides assessments 24 hours a day.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers clinical care that includes psychiatric services and drug treatment programs for children, adolescents and adults. Learn more by visiting www.chicagolakeshorehospital.com