Substance Abuse Treatment Available at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

posted at All Rights ReservedChicago Lakeshore Hospital has served as a premier provider for drug treatment programs and psychiatric services for nearly five decades. Accepting patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the hospital requires patients to undergo an assessment at no charge prior to admission. If a person is eligible for care at ChicagoLakeshoreHospital, the facility utilizes several levels of care to treat substance abuse disorders.

People with behavioral issues, emotional issues as well as alcohol and drug dependencies can visit ChicagoLakeshoreHospital to receive different types of treatment. Intensive outpatient, inpatient hospital, partial hospital, drug rehab, and detox services are available at the Illinois facility. The hospital provides a safe environment at all levels of care and the IOP program features day and evening hours for a more flexible schedule.

The multidisciplinary team at ChicagoLakeshoreHospital tailors each therapeutic program toward individual patients. Enabling patients to take control of their lives; professionals at ChicagoLakeshoreHospital work with them toward achieving goals and self-management techniques. This is often accomplished through participation in individual and group counseling, 12-step programs, and other support groups. Throughout treatment, patients learn about sober living, recovery planning, and ways to maintain their progress with aftercare programs.

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