Psychiatric Services for Adolescents at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

The behavioral health and addiction treatment center of excellence: Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers a number of treatment options and services. Along with drug treatment programs, the hospital offers psychiatric services for children adolescent and adults. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital employs specialists in the field of psychiatry and adolescent services are no exception. The child and adolescent unit enjoys and benefits from academic affiliations with the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Psychiatric Services for Adolescents

The inpatient adolescent program at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital employs, psychiatrists, nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Professional Counselors, activity therapists and other talented clinicians. The staff is well trained and prepared to work with adolescents and their families on a range of psychiatric and behavioral problems. Chicago Lakeshore hospital offers inpatient, partial and intensive outpatient programs. Some adolescents may start treatment on the inpatient unit and move to an intensive outpatient program when they are stabilized and able to function at home and at school.

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Patients of Chicago Lakeshore Hospital receive therapy in a structured environment. Teenagers participate in individual and group psychotherapy, behavioral cognitive therapy, medication management, art therapy, and recreation, following a psycho educational model. Some of the program meetings cover issues such as nutrition, spirituality, grief and loss, anger management, and discharge planning. Adolescents in need of substance abuse counseling can also benefit from the program’s specialists in the field, 12-step meetings, and relapse prevention guidance.