Chicago Lakeshore Hospital Presents: Medications and Therapies Used in Bipolar Disorder Treatment

by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

posted at All Rights ReservedWhether you or your loved one suffers from bipolar disorder, the first concept you must understand is the lifelong term of the condition. Bipolar treatment is not designed to cure but to mitigate, such that those who suffer from it can still enjoy a normal life.

Treatment for bipolar disorder includes different types of medications, therapy, and depending on the condition’s severity, hospitalization. Typically, physicians begin treatment by prescribing medications that stabilize mood. Lithium, for example, helps patients reach a middle ground between manic and depressed. Of course, all medications come with side effects; always consult a doctor before starting a new type of medication.

Like medication, many types of therapy exist to treat bipolar patients whose particular symptoms differ. Family therapy involves the patient and family members, allowing loved ones to better understand bipolar disorder and work together to find solutions that facilitates a stable home life. Cognitive behavioral therapy takes place in a one-on-one environment with a counselor who works with the patient to target negative behavior and thoughts and replace them with more productive action.

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