Drug Addiction and Treatment (Part 2 of 2), Provided by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

by Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

Previously, we described some of the concepts noted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. We continue that discussion below.

5. Availability of treatment plays a crucial role. Individuals with addiction become ready to accept treatment at different times and having appropriate options available in short order is critical.
6. Behavioral therapies and counseling remain the most often employed solutions. In individual or group settings, behavioral treatment emphasizes enhancing problem-solving skills, focusing on reasons to change, and establishing skills to resist the temptation to take drugs.
7. Monitoring for drug use serves as a key component of treatment. Many patients expect and benefit from this action, and it allows counselors to adjust care, as needed.
8. Other mental illnesses often occur in conjunction with drug addiction. Patients may need to take medication for both the addictions and the mental disorders.

About Chicago Lakeshore Hospital (CLSH): Located on Chicago’s North Side, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient services to assist individuals who may be struggling with substance use or chemical dependency issues. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers treatment in the day and evening. The varied programs may allow for someone with a challenging schedule to enter and successfully complete treatment.